How to use us:
All appointments are pre-booked and at least 10min long. If you turn up without an appointment it is unlikely we will be able to see you at that time, except in an emergency.

You can book:

  • phone: 0208 204 6464
  • on-line
  • in person at reception

  • STANDARD APPOINTMENTS: Appointments can be booked up to 3 weeks ahead. Around half the appointments are released for booking on the day for each doctor.
  • RAPID ACCESS APPOINTMENTS: The Duty Doctor each day deals with all problems that are 'Urgent for Today'. You can choose a Telephone Consultation or a face to face Rapid Access Appointment - we can only deal with the urgent matter we deal with a high workload. We ask for a brief reason of your problem to help prioritise and give you the quickest response. You may see our Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

Appointment text reminders are sent - remember to update your contact details!

Our system of modified 'Advanced Access', which we have been using since 2002, varies the appointments to meet the demand each day and you should be offered several options of different times or doctors for your convenience.

Tell the receptionist if you think your problem is urgent or if you are feeling bad and are having difficulties waiting.

Try to stick to the Doctor who knows you or your problem best. This is especially important if dealing with an on-going or recurrent problem and ensures you get the most efficient personal care. Please ask for your usual doctor.

Please cancel unwanted appointments so others can be offered them. We waste thousands of appointments each year due to people not cancelling.

Online Appointments Patient Access 2
You can make, cancel or review appointments online. Most of our GP and a number of Nurse appointments are available for online booking

Register for the service: you complete a form and bring it to reception with official photo ID for security
• We send you a
registration code by e-mail: use it to complete the online registration
• You will receive an
email confirmation. Then set up an account username and password …..and you can begin!

Instructions for registering and using the system are

Telephone Consultations with Doctor or Nurse
If you wish to discuss your problem on the telephone you can ask to speak to the doctor or nurse.
We don't interrupt consultations, so you will be asked to leave a telephone number for the doctor to ring you back.
Make sure you tell the receptionist the time you will be available at that number and leave your mobile switched on! (The doctor will see these details on the computer).
Telephone Advice is often an easier way of dealing with a small worry or a query about an ongoing problem with the doctor who is dealing with your problem or if you are unsure whether you need to make an appointment. Don't forget the receptionist can help with many matters and can give useful non-medical advice and is also able to give out your test results, so you may not need to wait for the Doctor.

E-Consultations (online consultations)
e- consult icon You can use consult through a secure website by filling in a responsive online questionnaire which helps you through your problem offering self help advice or the option to send your questionnaire to the practice. You will receive a response by the end of the next working day.
The doctor may email or text you with an answer, send a prescription or call you.

It is ideal for any admin. enquiry or request or for consulting about a problem which may not need a face to face consultation. You can do it any time of day or night in the comfort of your own home - no more waiting on the phone or sitting in the surgery!

Use the link above or the big yellow banner on our home page - give it a try and let us know how you found it - it's new and it's a trial.

Checking-in at Reception
Please always ‘check-in’ at reception as soon as you arrive for your appointment. This is the only way the Doctor or Nurse will know you are waiting. It is also a Health & Safety requirement.

Quickest to use our Automated Check-in both sides of the entrance: just touch the screen to enter your day and month of birth and your gender (sex). The system then checks you in, confirms the appointment time and the name of the doctor or nurse and where to go. There may be messages for you also. Several languages are available.