How to use us:
Home Visits
If you are too ill to come to the surgery a doctor may visit you at home.

If you think you need a
home visit, please contact the surgery as early in the day as possible (before 12 mid-day) as the doctors need to plan their time and we prefer to send a doctor who knows you. If you phone later in the day, the doctor may be in surgery and unable to visit until much later.

If you request a home visit, a doctor will speak to you first to determine the nature and urgency of the problem.

Home visits may be necessary but are often less than ideal. It is much easier to examine and treat someone in the well equipped surgery than in your home. In the time taken for one home visit the doctor can see 3 or more people at the surgery.
In an emergency (such as crushing, central chest pain or sudden, severe shortness of breath, sudden paralysis, vomiting a significant amount of blood etc) it is safer and quicker to dial 999: always use this number if someone is seriously ill or injured, and their life is at risk.

Some parents are concerned about bringing
feverish children out to the surgery. This is based on ideas from the past. They will not come to any harm and in fact they have often cooled down and perked up by the time they arrive! They will be seen quicker than having to wait for a visit.

If you come to the surgery and are feeling bad, we will always try and see you straight away to save waiting; please tell the receptionist if this applies.