How to use us:
Private Services
We are an NHS practice and do not see private patients. Any work outside our normal NHS contract is chargeable at the standard rates below.
If you have any requirements not mentioned below, please ask at reception.
We shall try our best to complete requests within 10 working days. If it is more urgent please tell the receptionist. You will be phoned or texted when it is ready to collect.
Fees are payable in advance by card (not American Express), cash or cheques (to 'Willow Tree Family Doctors'). Please ask for a receipt. Failures to attend appointments for private medicals will be charged at half the total fee.
If you write a detailed letter request to us or ask for something special, it will need checking by the doctor before we can process it. Some items requested may not be possible for us to complete.
PLEASE NOTE: BRITISH PASSPORT APPLICATIONS can no longer be accepted due to changes in the rules (sorry, it's not our fault: see our News Blog for details)

Copy or viewing medical record (Subject Access Request)
Nil (unless the request is excessive or unfounded)
Private Medical Certificate – generated pro-forma
(eg Private sickness or return to work, fit to travel, fit for gym, fit for TV work etc)
More complex form (ie not our generated pro-forma) or short note less than one side (eg insurance claim but not private health insurance - see below, freedom from infection, health club, fit to join gym, gym cancellation, etc)
£45 if urgent, depending on type of request and availability
Form to be completed by hand
£32 for first page, £10 for each subsequent page
Private medical claim form (e.g. BUPA , PPP )
Detailed requests for information from record will be charged by GP time and require viewing by GP first (companies usually pay)
£100 per half hour
Diabetic or elderly driver certificate, seatbelt exemption
Citizenship application
Child minding - OFSTED
Fit to travel certificate, permit to carry medication on holiday
Passport applications
GPs are no longer permitted to sign UK passport applications . Other countries will have to be checked by GP before accepting (usually £45 if photo ID included)
Holiday cancellation form
Yellow Fever Vaccination + free certificate
Meningitis ACWY Vaccination + free certificate
£60 (this is the more effective vaccine , Menveo – there are some cheaper ones around that offer less protection)
Rabies Vaccination + free certificate
£60 per dose
Hepatitis B Course of 3 injections (not incl. blood test) - travel only: not for occupational health purposes
£30 per dose
Hepatitis B antibody blood test
Hospital lab rate
International Vaccine Certificate (without vaccination)
Taxi / HGV / PSV (etc) licence
Young persons’ travel camp
Paternity testing –taking blood sample only (not including the lab test)
Medical examination for 3rd party eg employment, adoption or fostering, before a special diet or exercise regime
Private support template letter (eg housing, PIP, Blue Badge etc)
This is not an opinion but is summary of your record
£18 (note these are not usually necessary and often you can provide the evidence yourself from your own records)
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or Mental Capacity test
£120 one form or £150 both LPA forms (health & welfare and financial & property)
Photo or signature verification
Verification of fact (eg address, registration, still living)