Specific Services:
Minor Surgery
Lumps, bumps, skin tags, cysts and other skin lesions can be surgically removed or frozen (cryotherapy) at the surgery. You will first need to see the doctor to assess the suitability and discuss the procedure. Minor surgery usually takes place is specially booked sessions, so there is usually a short waiting list.

Warts / Cryotherapy
Warts and verrucas are caused by viruses. They are very common and can be picked up from the general environment. Most people develop immunity to them eventually and they will go away but they can be troublesome.

We use Liquid Nitrogen spray to deep-freeze these. In combination with a little homework from yourself, this is the most effective method for getting rid of them. When you book an appointment for cryotherapy, tell the receptionist this is what you are coming for so the spray-gun can be filled.

Please read our Wart Leaflet before you come for this treatment; it explains what to expect and the preparations you need to make.

wart leaflet