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Online Services

Online access

The NHS has a 'Digital First' policy as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan in order to streamline the patient journey through the complexity of healthcare provision.

We use two digital access routes to our services: Patchs and Patient Access / NHS App.

By using Patchs it allows speedy access to all our services: all the Patchs submitted each day are assessed and responded to the same working day if received before 5:30pm and the next morning after 5:30pm. This is much quicker than booking your own appointment a week or two ahead, only to realise it could have been sorted at first contact!

All our online services, including access to your medical records are available by the NHS App linked alongside or Patient Access. Well worth downloading and setting up your universal NHS Login to make life easier (there are other third party apps. also available). Here is a good video to show how to set up Patchs in the NHS App and how to use it.

We also have video consultation facilities and can also send information and documents linked to SMS messages, so please keep your phone number up to date.

Here is an overview of Online Services (and video consultations)


This is the first contact for all medical or administrative advice, appointments and queries.

It is free and you can use at any time the surgery is open to request medical advice or administrative requests (such as ordering a sick note) or queries.
There are also loads of useful NHS advice articles to help guide you to manage your problems yourself available all the time.

The system translates to and from many languages and you can even speak your requests to it using your phone -selecting the Telephone Assistant is really easy and allows the doctor to hear your message.

A short explanatory video is here

It is best to register an account (simple and quick). This gives a secure portal to send and receive information from the practice including photos and other attachments. Also video consultations are arranged though this system. You will receive sms notifications when new information is sent.

Fill in an online questionnaire which prompts you about your symptoms. This is sent securely to the practice and you will receive a response normally the same day (at the latest by the end of the next working day) - quicker than booking a future appointment.

Our response might be a phone call to you (it's great for us to have the whole story in advance), we might send a prescription to the pharmacy, arrange for some tests or send you a text or email to answer your question. Saves taking time off work and waiting to see us!

Parents can complete a Patchs for their offspring from 6m to 16yr (under 6m cannot use Patchs).
Children 16yr can register for their own account.

For more details, check out the Patchs help files and to explain their data security arrangements here is their Privacy Policy

Patient Access & NHS App

Either of these give full access to our online services, to look up and share your medical record, to order repeat prescriptions, check your test results, and check local services.There is also a large range of useful advice articles, news items and videos available.

The mobile App is really simple to use (from App store or Google Play) but for those who prefer to give permission for someone else to take control of this online access, or for parents of young children, there is Proxy Access.

The NHS App replicates this functionality

To register for this service you do this online or ask at reception. You will need to provide photo ID - a driving license, passport etc - before your account can be activated.

There are other Apps which provide a similar range of services - in fact there is the beginning of an avalanche of new online Apps - some will be better than others and like everything, some will prosper and others disappear. The NHS Health App Library will help guide you through the NHS approved Apps (and so hopefully avoid those that are less helpful or even downright misleading)

The NHS App links services together and offers the same sorts of functions but aims to become the definitive 'one-stop shop' for NHS services with a symptom checker and a wealth of health advice. It is well worth downloading this and setting up your NHS Login which will eventually be your one ID for access to all NHS services.

Online use can improve your health

The NHS Learn My Way site has useful advice on how you can use the internet to improve your health.

Become a 'Digital Citizen' and maybe then help spread the word and become a Digital Ambassador, teaching others to gain better access to healthcare through digital technology.

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